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Corporate video with a glass of wine on machinery

Corporate Video is a modern tool, a powerful and highly effective way to communicate and promote the products and services of your business. The combination of spectacular images and modern audiovisual technologies makes it the ideal medium of targeted advertising.

Some uses of a corporate video:
   - Send it to existing and prospective clients in a digital format
   - View at the start or during a conference or corporate presentation.
   - View in internet
   - Broadcasting at a tv station
   - View at your company's reception areas
   - Broadcasting at exhibition of products and services
   - Training company's employees

We are committed to creating your own high definition 1080p corporate video. In collaboration with filmmakers, photo directors and Greek and foreign speakers, we can satisfy any requirement. Ability to take aerial shots, either by special remote control (drone) or by helicopter. The clever script, the modern directorial look, and the impressive musical lining guarantee the perfect result.

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Corporate video portfolio

corporate video chalkis shipyards Hairprof 2016 Εταιρικό βίντεο Cosmetic Derma Medicine corporate hcmrps 01
corporate skinmed A. Hilios Ltd Poseidonia 2014 Chalkis Shipyards Poseidonia 2014 corporate cosmos
corporate ellinotipiki corporate cosmo corporate cdm 02 corporate fue
corporate cdm 04 Cosmos Posidoneia 2014 corporate cdm 03
 corporate anthopoulos  corporate hilios corporate giavridis  corporate anemo
 corporate evolution  corporate procom    

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